Introducing the 10dot Gatekeeper Command Centre

Real network security insight. Real-time.

Understand your network security landscape right now. Anywhere, anytime, off any device. Quick-stix.

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Monitor Health. Run Audits. Gain Real Insight.

Manage the performance of your firewall. Audit firewall rules & policies to enhance posture. Mitigate security risks at every level. All at the flip-of-a-finger. Off any device. And Go.

With Gatekeeper you get:


How healthy is your firewall?

Know your firewall status at any given time. In real-time. Measure CPU, utilisation, capacity & much more. Keep your firewall fighting-fit.


How does your security measure-up?

Manage firewall rules and policies. Run audits. Optimise your security posture and get your weekends back.


What is your weakest link?

Monitor and manage all your network security elements: Web proxy, anti-virus, UTM, IPS etc. Batten-down all hatches & weather any storm.

Gatekeeper gives you instant access & control of your Network Security.

Anywhere, any time, off any web enabled device.

INTERESTING, yes. RELEVANT, absolutely.
ESSENTIAL, definitely.