The network security specialists.

10dot is a focused managed security service provider.
We specialise in cyber security management, tech, services & deployment.
Lock-up & grow your business with 10dot Cloud Security.


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10dot Cloud Security offers you:


Managed Services

End-to-end network security
management. Tools, services &
security tech all bundled-up
and ready to go


Command Centre

A dashboard tool that helps you
take back control & form real
insight into your network
security landscape any time,
anywhere, off any device
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Advisory Services

Consultative engagement & guidance with 10dot network security experts



Secure Virtual Machines

Watertight cloud server security. Whatever the use, stop the abuse with Lockbox
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We help you..

Match pinpoint
insight with
iron-fist control.

Make informed decisions with real-time
network security visibility & performance
management. Boom. And Go.

Informed decision making on-the-go.

With Gatekeeper you can access your network security information anywhere, anytime, off any device. Enjoy split-second-decision-making at the flip-of-a-finger. It's the next level of security tech.

Use Proserve & have..

Network Security
Wizards at your
beck & call.

Network Security design, deployment &
management expertise. 10dot Cloud Security
wizards are the bees-knees. Why? It's all we think
about. It's all we do. 100%

Now you can get
back down to

And leave the management of your network
security to the experts. Trust 10dot Cloud Security.
We've got this.

INTERESTING, yes. RELEVANT, absolutely.
ESSENTIAL, definitely.